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Ukraine War

The War in Ukraine is brutal...warning difficult images to watch

Mission Without Borders is working with refugees in Eastern Ukraine

Operation Winter Rescue

Operation Winter Rescue

OWR means warmth, security and safety

OCL BAnner

Operation Christmas Love

Bringing Christmas to the children

Welcome to Mission Without Borders Canada

OPERATION CHRISTMAS LOVE: Extended to help Syrian refugees

Millions of desperate refugees, are on the move in one of the biggest mass movements of humans in history. While Mission Without Borders does not work in Syria we do have a very active program in Bulgaria which has become a major transit corridor for the refugees on their way to Western Europe.

MWB will extend our Operation Christmas Love by working with local churches to reach families in need.4

We are asking that you dig deep, even if you have already given to the OCL campaign to help these truly desperate people. We can assure you that your contribution of $65.00 for each family parcel will go to where it is most needed.

According to our Field Manager in Bulgaria they are now seeing more refugees in a day than they normally get in a year. Being the poorest country in the European Union (Source: Eurostat) Bulgaria has few resources to handle this huge inflow.

We are asking that your church put out a special appeal to your congregation to reach out to everyone they know and ask them to contribute. Already thousands of men, women and children have died. The world is facing a disaster of immense size. We must act now.

 With grateful thanks...


We are excited and so thankful to announce that our campaign here and on Indiegogo to fund a new bolier for the Sarny Institute in Ukraine has been a great success. Our goal was to raise $10,000 and to date we are in excess of $15,000.

For over 15 years MWB has run the Sarny Vocational Institute in war torn Ukraine. The school provides a free education for young persons too poor to get more than a few years of high school providing few, if any, employable skills. Sarny enables students to earn state certified certificates in a variety of vocational areas. With this certificate these kids are assured of having the skills they need to get good jobs, restore hope in their lives and earn a secure future.

And now with your help this great work will continue and bring hope and prosperity to many. 

Thank you  to all who contributed. May God Bless and keep you.



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