"Serving the needs of the poor"
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A true gift

Every season is the season for giving

Ukraine War

The War in Ukraine is brutal...warning difficult images to watch

Mission Without Borders is working with refugees in Eastern Ukraine

It 's Almost To Cold To Work Already

It's almost to cold to work at Sarny School already

Students wearing coats and sweaters to keep warm

Welcome to Mission Without Borders Canada


Bringing the heat…

For over 15 years MWB has run the Sarny Vocational Institute in war torn Ukraine. The school provides a free education for young persons too poor to get more than a few years of high school providing few, if any, employable skills. Sarny enables students to earn state certified certificates in a variety of vocational areas. With this certificate these kids are assured of having the skills they need to get good jobs, restore hope in their lives and earn a secure future.

 But now with all the problems in Ukraine, the Institute is faced with an uncertain future. Not only are their utility costs being increased a staggering 6 times this fall but the boiler they are so dependent on has broken down and is not fixable. Winters are harsh in Ukraine and without a boiler, the school will have to close. This would be a huge disaster.

 We need to replace that boiler to make sure the Institute continues to offer hope and a future for many. But there is no money in the budget to do that.

 Over the years, several thousand students have earned certificates and gone on to lives with hope and prosperity such as they had never known. Despair, suicides, hunger, homelessness and many other terrible realities are no longer a part of their daily lives. Sarny is a good news story. But if we have to close Sarny, then all those children waiting for their chance at a future will no longer have that chance. They will be sent back to their lives of poverty and hopelessness. The good news will become bad.

By offering your support you aren't just sending a few dollars for a cause you are making a life changing future possible for a young person.

 For a few dollars you are giving a child their future

We are asking for $10,000 which will allow us to replace the broken oil burning boiler with one that will burn wood and peat. That will dramatically lower monthly operating costs as well as being more environmentally friendly.

 Most importantly, it will mean the school stays open, giving hope and opportunity to thousands more children in the years ahead.

 If we are fortunate enough to receive funding above our goal we would direct that money to where it is most needed. For example we could upgrade the free dental clinic and food services programs at the school. We supply these programs not only to the students but also to elderly in need. We also would be able to provide more in the way of school supplies and course materials. 

 Giving more than a chance....

The Sarny Institute is not just a school. It's the path to prosperity for children who all their lives have lived in grinding hopeless poverty and despair. I've been there and seen for myself the homes some of these kids live in. They are shacks we wouldn't shelter our animals in. Hunger is a constant companion, for these kids there is just no future without the skills they can acquire at Sarny.

 Other Ways You Can Help

We are currently running a crowdfunder campaign on Indiegogo at can you please help us by getting this link out to as many people as possible? 

 Send emails to all your contacts with this link:

Tell your family, friends, church and work colleagues and neighbors about us. Talk about us on Facebook, Twitter, on your Blogs and wherever else you mingle in social media.

 Thank you for coming to our campaign and thank you for whatever kind of support you extend to save the Sarny School and the future of literally thousands of future students. This is a very big deal.



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