"Serving the needs of the poor"
Operation Winter Rescue

Operation Winter Rescue

Helping save lives all winter long.

OCL BAnner

Welcome to Mission Without Borders Canada

Everyday in Eastern Europe thousands of children, the elderly and whole families go hungry, many are homeless and have only the clothes on their back.

Think of the terrible pictures of the little ones from Africa and Asia we see on TV all the time. The hopelessness and suffering for the little ones caught in the poverty trap in Eastern Europe is just as bad, made worse by harsh brutal winters where many people have frozen to death.


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January 2015 Newsletter / 20/01/2015

Its January and we're all exhausted from the Christmas season. Our bank accounts are exhausted too, from all that gift giving and our donations to the needy...

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December 2014 Newsetter / 22/12/2014

I'm sure you've noticed the pictures of Eastern Europeans all bundled up from the cold, in their homes! Not outside, but in their homes. There are no double glazed windows, insulation in the walls or carpets on the floors. Many don't even have windows...

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