Seeds of Hope

Helping families plant their way out of poverty

Feb 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to Mission Without Borders

Mission Without Borders has been helping people in need for over 60 years in the poorest countries in Europe. 

The work goes on and will for a long time to come, there are so many in need. Mission Without Borders is planning to keep right on bringing it. But we need to plan for this, we need to look to the long term to make sure we continue to bring the Christian message of love and hope to the hopeless.

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Latest News

Volodymyr Brychuk, our Communications Manager in Ukraine, knew some of those killed when the protests in Kiev turned violent.  "Many of those who were killed in Kiev have families with small children and joined the protests actively wanting to stop corruption and lawlessness in their countr...
Four years ago Mission Without Borders launched the Seeds of Hope program. Since then it has supplied thousands of families across Eastern Europe with boxes of seeds and gardening tools to plant their own vegetable patches...&nbsp...