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A true gift

Every season is the season for giving

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Welcome to Mission Without Borders Canada


YES WE CAN: Ask us for your very own Can for the Kids  Image result for pictures of coin cans

Give us a call or email us and we'll send you your very own MWB Coins for the Kids can. Then just toss your spare coins into the can each day and when it's filled drop it off to us. If you can't get out and about let us know when it's full and we'll drop by to thank you in person, pick the can up and give you another one if needed. Your coins will go to help kids in need.


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 When it's your birthday ask your friends and loved ones to send us a donation as their present to you and we'll wish you happy birthday on our Website and Facebook page. Just ask them to tell us it`s for your birthday so we can say Happy Birthday too.


The Mission Introduces our new Shopping Center

Be sure to visit our new Shopping Center where you can buy items that will help families to become self supporting. You can find it on the top menu above, just click there and it will take you right to the Shopping Center.


It's Summer Camp time...

This month we start sending children to summer camp, thanks to the generosity and support of our sponsors. 

Last year we sent more than 3,000. This year we want to send many more. These are children who have never had a camp experience. The idea of 3 good meals a day, warm clean beds, hot showers and fresh clothes is completely alien to many of them. In fact many will be experiencing a bus ride for the first time in their lives as they travel to camp on the MWB Summer Camp Express.

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The Scholarship Project Changing Lives / 31/07/2015

Nataiya can't imagine what life would have been like if she hadn't been supported by MWB. She tries to express her gratitude, eyes filling with tears and appreciation: "For a child like me, it is a very great present. I would say, it is the greatest gift ever! I would never be able to get any educat...

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Child Rescue International / 07/07/2015

According to some statistics, every tenth child in Moldova has one parent or both living and working abroad. While some do contribute to the welfare of their children, many do not, essentially abandoning their own children. Hence the strong need for our program...

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