"Bringing spiritual, emotional, educational & material aid to Eastern Europe"

Transforming lives in Eastern Europe

Countries like Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina are struggling, with economic and social and political problems.

Many of their populations live below the poverty threshold. The aged have worked hard all their lives with nothing to show for it. There is little - if any - social structure for those in need. Many families are torn apart by parents leaving for richer countries with better promises of work, quite literally abandoning their children to aging grandparents who are struggling to support themselves, let alone their grandchildren.

Other children are being abandoned to government-run "boarding schools", where there is no love, safety or assurance of a decent education.

The number of children being human-trafficked has increased, as have the number of homeless on the streets. Illiteracy is reaching terrifying levels. Resources for the elderly and the disabled is almost nonexistent.

THIS is where Mission Without Borders is at work, partnering with local churches to bring material, emotional and spiritual support to people who are suffering the effects of poverty.


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Seeds of Hope / 03/02/2016

In Eastern Europe there is poverty and hardship, (and even war) some as bad as anywhere on the planet. Without social services and safety nets poor families in Eastern Europe often have to choose between freezing in the dark or having food. Sometimes, tragically they can afford neither and if it...

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January 2015 Newsletter / 08/01/2016

Christmas, the biggest giving time of the year, has come and gone once again. And now it's January, the smallest giving time of the year. Once again organizations like ours have to deal with this post-Christmas plunge in donations of all kinds. Not only does the cash dry up, but food banks drop...

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