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Operation Winter Rescue

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The Mission Introduces our new Shopping Center

Be sure to visit our new Shopping Center where you can buy items that will help families to become self supporting. You can find it on the top menu above, just click there and it will take you right to the Shopping Center.


It's Summer Camp time...

It's nearly spring and that means it's time to start thinking about sending as many children as we can to summer camp.

Last year we sent more than 3,000. This year we want to send many more. These are children who have never had a camp experience. The idea of 3 good meals a day, warm clean beds, hot showers and fresh clothes is completely alien to many of them. In fact many will be experiencing a bus ride for the first time in their lives as they travel to camp on the MWB Summer Camp Express.

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Summer Camp Dreams / 03/03/2015

A sure sign that spring is almost here is when we start talking about Summer Camp. Last year we sent more than 3,000 kids to camp and for many, it was the trip of a lifetime for their young lives … a chance to enjoy warm clean beds, hot showers, good food and wonderful companionship for ten full...

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Seeds of Hope / 01/02/2015

As you look out your window and see the harshness of winter all around you (except coastal BC of course) spare a thought for the folks in Eastern Europe already deep into what promises to be a brutally cold winter. December through February is expected to be one of the coldest winters since 1981...

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