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Homeless met with mercy and food

MWB's Street Mercy project in Moldova was developed over two years ago. At first, about 10 people showed up for a Christian message and a hot meal, but that number has only increased weekly.

Ilie, the person responsible for gathering the beneficiaries, serving the lunch and preaching, told us how it all began: "Our church wanted to have a ministry for the homeless for a long time. We prayed and prayed, and then one day, a church member who works for MWB Moldova called and told us they would like to implement this project, and was looking for a church to partner with. We were so happy that God answered our prayer and without any hesitation, we agreed."

The first months were challenging as it is hard to gain the trust of people living on the streets. Typically people become homeless because somebody betrayed them, or they lost their family, or bad life decisions have led to disappointment. When you invite them to church, they tend to think you want to mistreat them or force them to convert to your faith. There is nothing you can do to make them trust you, but show unconditional love and respect.

Beneficiaries are given hot meals five times per week, from Monday to Friday. A full meal consists of soup, a main course consisting of some meat, salad, biscuits and tea. They also receive clothing, shoes, and we try to meet whatever else their needs may be.

Please pray for the beneficiaries we work with, so that they will be saved and helped to build a bright future. Only God can change their hearts and give them hope.