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Childrentitle Artiom's story

Atriom Sponsorship2

Artiom is ten years old and lives in an Institution for blind children in Moldova. His parents have never shown any interest in him. When our coordinator met him she saw the impact this had ... asking him about his family, he answered sadly that he didn't have anyone.

Artiom remembers feeling lonely and forgotten: "As an abandoned child, I often ask myself why this happened to me, to be abandoned and to not have my mother and father's care. Am I worse than the kids who have parents?"

Ion, the co-ordinator enrolled Artiom in our Children-in-Crisis program. When he told Artiom he had a friend to support him the boy was delighted, and when he began to receive letters and gifts from his new supporter he at last knew someone cared for him.

The difference MWB has made

"My supporters are my family now. Through all the gifts I received through the Mission, it has caused me to hope for a better future. I've begun to hope for the future."