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Childrentitle Bible Correspondence Course

BCC Large

Hope, counselling and Bible teaching

Alexandru and his sister Dumitrita have had hard lives already. Their family was very poor, and their father passed away in 2004, just before their mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. But through Christian Input programs, especially the Bible Correspondence Course, they have found hope and support.

"I am so happy that I am able to write to MWB's BCC staff. They are such kind people. We talk about a lot of interesting things in our letters. I have received answers to all the questions that I had in my head. I received counselling and I even improved my relationship with my schoolmates. My life has begun to make sense. From the BCC lessons, I have learnt about God's love. I have started to be more grateful and respectful to older people. I have even become a more diligent pupil," says Dumitrita.

Through correspondence with MWB's staff and volunteers, over 5,000 children hear the gospel and learn more about God every year. They have their questions answered, receive advice and support, and gain a sense of achievement as they complete their assignments.

Alexandru remembers, "I was so happy when I received my first [BCC] diploma from Mission Without Borders. I was running about and jumping for joy down the road and showing my diploma to everyone I met in the street."