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Childrentitle Bibles for children


"God has given us the Bible so we know how to live"

Cina is ten years old, and one of nine siblings. She can't go to school because she doesn't have a birth certificate but her father has taught her how to read and write. For the past two years she has regularly been attending a Mostar Church with her parents and even going to the Sunday School - the first type of school she's been to! 

Cina remembers the last puppet show she attended at the church for two reasons. The first is that it was on the same day her mother gave birth to her newest sibling, and the second is because she received her very own Bible. She was delighted, now she can read all of her favourite stories at home and she can even read them to her baby sister.

"I am really happy, because now I can read about David and Joseph and all the other stories we learn about in Sunday school at home. Everyone should read the Bible, as it is what God has given us so we can know how to live and to be obedient."