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Childrentitle Scholarships & Vocational Training


Freedom from poverty by training for self-sufficiency

Ana's father passed away when she was little, and her mother could not provide for her basic needs. Children in Moldova who are sent to boarding homes have few - if any - chances in life, but thanks to Mission Without Border's investment in her education, Ana is breaking that stereotype.

Ana's potential would have gone to waste if she had not been given a scholarship to study at university by MWB. Through your support, her tuition fees were covered, plus transportation, food & school supplies.

There are far too many young people with great potential and talent going to waste in Eastern Europe. Countries like Moldova - the poorest country in Europe - desperately needs it's young people to stay and develop their own communities and society. 

Will you help us help give them the valuable skills they need - and deserve - for a better future?

RS1468_Ana Practising On Her Course