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Childrentitle Summer Camps


Restoring lost childhoods

For thousands of Eastern European children who live in poverty, summer is a time of isolation and vulnerability. Economic and social crises have the biggest impact on children. Parents lose their jobs and turn to alcohol, resulting in domestic abuse and broken homes. Hopelessness is all consuming and thousands of adults leave their countries in search of a better life, resulting in stagnant economies and aging populations.

2019 Summer Camp 1

Many children end up relying on one parent, or are abandoned altogether and sent to an orphanage or worse. The impact of abandonment results in huge psychological and physical issues which potentially stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Summer is a particularly vulnerable time as orphans have nowhere to go once institutions close for the summer. Of those who attend camps in Moldova, 30% are orphans, the rest coming from poor and vulnerable families where hopelessness & poverty is high, and opportunities & joy are low. With nothing to do and no one to care for them, they spend their time on the streets and often resort to a life of crime.

Working in partnership with local churches, MWB identifies thousands of vulnerable children each year from our Family to Family and Child Rescue International programs, from six of Europe's poorest countries.

2019 Summer Camp 2

Summer camps are a key time for these children to experience attention, fun and Christian love when all they have ever known is rejection and abandonment. And our care doesn't end once camp is finished ... we continue to work with these children and their families in their home communities or institutions.

Camp is a very important part of our overall program for Children in Crisis.