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Anastasiya is 13 years old and an average Ukrainian girl. She has two younger siblings, and her parents are still quite young (father is 37 & mother is 32). Her parents sell at the local market, and work 6 days a week, and unfortunately do not have much personal time for their children.

She first heard about our broadcast, "Seeds of Truth" three years ago through a friend, who shared about all the interesting stories heard on the radio. And even more exciting, according to the friend, was that they could correspond with one of the radio presenters, Oksana. Anastasiya took an interest in the broadcast and began listening. She also noted the studio's address and has begun a regular correspondence with Oksana (our radio correspondent).

"This radio transmission and my communication with Oksana is a great blessing for me. I guess God intended it as a wonderful present in my life. My life has changed a lot during these past three years!" Anastasiya says.

"I'm so thankful for your broadcast, for all the lessons and advice I have received! I used to have many problems at school with classmates, and I didn't know how to change the situation. Thanks to your advice, I'm now practicing to be a peacemaker. It feels great! My views concerning many things on how to treat others have changed. My self-perception and self-esteem has altered as well. The broadcast about self-esteem was probably the most memorable and had a huge impact on my life. I used to have many complexes and was not very confident.  Now I'm sure that God created me very special and unique. This truth helped me to get rid of my inferiority complex," Anastasiya continued.

Providing spiritual nourishment as well as practical assistance, we estimate there are some 4 million listeners across the five Western Ukraine regions of Rivne, Volyn, Ternopil, Zhytomyr and Khmelnytsk for our weekly radio broadcast.