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Sustaining the lost, lonely and hungry with comfort and food

Mission Without Borders Bulgaria supports 6 Soup Kitchens throughout the country, in cooperation with evangelical churches. Three locations are actual church spaces converted to dining rooms during the week, and the other three prepare food that is then distributed to people's homes (for shut-ins, the elderly, etc.).
Beneficiaries enrolled in this program are all quite different - the old and not so old, various faith backgrounds, and most do not belong to any church. They all have one thing in common - an inability to meet their basic need for food. They have either been unemployed for a long time or are retired with a very small pension. There are single mothers with young children, and wives whose husbands have abandoned the family. The high rate of unemployment especially - in small towns and villages - and the low pensions, leave a lot of people unable to meet basic needs. Foods in Bulgaria are very expensive and in an effort to make ends meet, poor people usually skip meals and medicines.
Along with serving warm meals five days a week, the soup kitchens also offer social contact and emotional support for people, many of whom are viewed as outcasts from society. The church extends a helping hand in taking care of the spiritual needs as well. Christian input is offered every day in the form of Bible devotions before food is served and by the distribution of Christian literature; sometimes films are shown. People pray together before they begin their lunch, sometimes singing Christian songs thus encouraging one another.

So the soup kitchen is more than a place to get warm food - it offers fellowship, fosters friendships, and meets various needs - the most important of which is the spiritual need of knowing God.