"Bringing spiritual, emotional, educational & material aid to Eastern Europe"

Communitiestitle Operation Christmas Love


Providing gifts for basic needs that bring light into darkened homes.

OCL is a key campaign during the winter season, providing hope and a bit of joy to those suffering in poverty. Across Bosnia-Herzegovina alone over the Christmas period, some 2,500 parcels were delivered to those in need.
Parcels contain basic essentials to feed families and vulnerable people at Christmas. All goods are locally sourced because it is sustainable, cost-effective and good for the economies of the communities we work in. Basic food items such as oil, flour, rice, pasta, salt, tea, some chocolate and cereals reached individuals and families from cities to remote villages.

One of the key things that happens during the campaign is when we visit those in need with a parcel and they stare at you looking confused: "Why are you doing this?" they always ask. Our answer is always simple: "Because we love you and Jesus loves you."
One family newly-enrolled in MWB's Family to Family program is the Gegic family from the Mostar region.
Anel (20) lives in a two room apartment with his mother, a mentally-disabled brother, and his three year-old son, Adi. His wife abandoned both of them. The family survives on the mother's pension and what Anel is able to find and sell. He goes out daily to collect and sell old copper and iron, but on many days he comes home empty-handed.

Their apartment is kept very dark, as they don't turn on the lights to save electricity. They use chopped up furniture - that Anel finds in his travels - for heating. All the furniture was found at the local dump. They cannot afford anything else. On some days Anel cannot find any wood, so in winter they freeze and have very little food.

When our workers arrived at this family's door, Anel's mother said: "When we saw you coming with that parcel, my heart leapt. As well as food you bring us peace of mind and relief. Thank you so much."
As well as bringing peace, joy and relief to them over Christmas, we plan to help them become self-sufficient and to break the cycle of poverty.