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Care eases prisoners’ punishment

Xhemile is 27 years old and serving her sentence in the Women's Prison of Tirana, the capital of Albania where Mission Without Borders implements its Prison Care Ministry through partnership with the Christian Association of Albanian.

Since she was arrested over 3 years ago, she has not seen or spoken to her three children who live in a small village in north-eastern Albania. She doesn't like to speak about what happened but fellow inmates with whom she shares a prison cell say that before the crime, she had been subjected to domestic violence from her mother-in-law. She has been accused and convicted of the woman's death.

She is considered a dead woman to her husband and his family. They have declared that they will never allow her to see her children ever again. Her family as well has "forgotten" her. Acquaintances are afraid to visit Xhemile in prison because it could promote other murders [honor killings] between the two families that were previously related by the marriage.

There is nobody to care for her. There is nobody to bring her additional food and hygienic items. The day for parcels distribution is warmly welcomed and a special treat for her.
"I can take care of my personal hygiene [with Prison Care assistance]. No one else brings me anything nor can afford to provide me with such needed products for a woman in prison.  I appreciate this aid. It makes me feel like I'm not abandoned. This is the parcel that made the difference and I started to attend the services that were offered in the prison."
It's not easy to smile and be part of the activities in such circumstances, but it can happen.  A few months ago, Xhemile started to attend the church services as part of the Prison Ministry Care Packs project. She repented of her sins and accepted Jesus as her savior. Together with her ​​two cell friends, they have launched a small discipleship group.
When asked how she feels, she said: "I am saved now. A new life has begun." After these words she quickly prayed for her kids and family and went to be part of the festive Christian activity organized in the prison by the Prison Care ministry and prison staff.

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