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2018 SSP 4

In the Sarny region of western Ukraine, many children often grow up with one or both parents absent, having gone abroad to make money. This can affect them emotionally, leaving them vulnerable and sometimes neglected or abused.

The Bublyk family were determined to avoid this fate. With support from MWB, husband and father Oleh has had the joy of being present for his wife and children. Oleh said, "A family needs a father more than money. I know of many examples where children were left to their own devices and their mother could not cope with them."

2018 SSP 1

Oleh and his family started receiving support from MWB, but he was eager to change his family's situation himself. "The Mission's vision is that they would rather give people a rod and teach them how to fish, than just to give fish."

"I'd been thinking about starting my own small business ... Our region is agricultural and most people have some land, and each spring they need seedlings. So I thought, build a greenhouse and grow seedlings for the area. Also, we could grow raspberries, which grow perfectly here."

He presented his ideas to our local coordinator, and together they made a plan. The Mission paid for half of a tractor, while Oleh managed to raise the other half, to be used for everything from transportation to cultivation. 

2018 SSP 3

Oleh said, "It has been a wonderful resource ... We have land, we have working hands. All my children are ready to work according to their age and strength. Children realise that we all need each other's help and support."

Oleh added, "Working abroad was not an option. I did not want to pay later with the lost future of my children due to their bad choices."

"We are deeply thankful to the Mission, not only for the tractor and all their other help, but for inspiring and enabling us to become self-sufficient. We will pass on these opportunities to our children."

2018 SSP 2

Supporting Mission Without Borders means that we are able to provide resources like a tractor, or seeds, or whatever tools are needed to help a family move from poverty to self-sufficiency. Will you make a donation today?