"Bringing spiritual, emotional, educational & material aid to Eastern Europe"

Communitiestitle Street Mercy


Homeless met with mercy and food

According to statistics from 2015, there are currently 3,000-5,000 homeless people living in Chisinau, Moldova.

This is one of Europe's poorest cities, and in winter the streets are impassable and covered with snow. This is the most vulnerable time of year to the homeless, who as well as surviving the bitter cold have to overcome hunger, depression, rejection, addiction and the many other dangers of life on the street.

You will find many men - and women & children as well - on winter days like this, wandering the streets, heads bowed and a bleakness in their eyes. Their lives are filled with hopelessness, which is where MWB's StreetMercy program comes into play.


Our StreetMercy projects seek to provide the homeless with hot meals and immediate crisis assistance - but once the food has been distributed, our workers talk with them, and discover their other needs. We try to offer emotional, spiritual, material, administrative and medical support. The challenges they face are numerous, so we try to reduce the immediate burden as much as possible. 


Funds raised will go towards providing soup and food, clothing and footwear, bedding, hygiene parcels, and medical support for the lost and forgotten on the streets of Eastern Europe this winter and all year long.