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MD 102660_2_Father And Son Take Pigs To Their New Barn

Protecting families from crisis

The Ichimovici family were very poor: no jobs, couldn't afford to send children to school; little food. Survival was their only aim. With your support, we met their urgent material needs for food and clothing but the situation was not sustainable.

With mentoring from MWB, the Father began to grow basic crops to feed his family.  With help from a MWB Supporter he has now has a smallholding pig farm. A major step out of poverty toward self-sufficency.

Soaring food prices and unemployment across Eastern Europe threaten families with despair and hopelessness.

Mission Without Borders brings hope by meeting basic needs and providing long-term practical support.

As we ease pressures to survive, families start taking responsibility. Working alongside more than 9,000 families, we plan with them steps for building a better and more sustainable future for themselves and their children.