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Familiestitle Seeds of Hope & Joy

2018 Sowing The Seeds 1

Agriculture is the backbone of Moldova's economy, with some 57% of Moldovans living in rural areas, and 80% of the land a fertile black soil, ideal for producing fruit and vegetables. The greatest tragedy is that thousands of children and families are struggling to get enough food to survive or to live a life of hope.

2018 Sowing The Seeds 2

"There were times when our family didn't have enough money for bread," Sergiu says. "I needed to provide for my family, but it was impossible for me to get a job. With help from Mission Without Borders, we renovated a greenhouse and we are now providing for ourselves from the land."

"The greenhouses allow us to be together as a family and I don't have to go abroad for work," Sergiu says. "We now have our own mini-business and can provide for ourselves. I want my children to take responsibility, and to learn new skills so that they can provide for themselves in the future."

2018 Sowing The Seeds 3

As well as greenhouse materials, Mission Without Borders provided the family with seeds which they planted, and they are looking forward to harvest time. As well as covering for their needs, what they produce will also help to feed and inspire other local families.

"It makes us happy and glad," Nadejda, Sergiu's wife said, "that we can help other vulnerable families from our neighborhood."

2018 Sowing The Seeds 4

Enrollment in our Families-in-Crisis program also means they are provided with regular food parcels, hygiene items, clothes, shoes, furniture, and school supplies. This helps to restore their dignity as they learn to become self-sufficient.

Supporting MWB empowers people of Eastern Europe to learn how to provide better for themselves now and in the future!