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Familiestitle Computer course to ministry and faith

In Nova Zagora in Bulgaria many live in poverty with no work or means of income. MWB approached the pastor of a local church and together we launched a community centre program providing a soup kitchen for those who would otherwise go hungry. We also started a computer class to give people the skills to provide for themselves.

27-year old Hristomir needed computer skills to get the simplest job, but with no income training was too expensive for him. He was stuck in poverty, with no way of improving his situation. Then he heard about the course in the church. He grasped the chance and enrolled. In the beginning he lacked confidence but gradually his skills and belief in himself built up. He started to open up to his fellow students and the church volunteers. He then decided to attend a church service and has not stopped going since. Hristomar And PlamenaHristomir was asking deep questions. His excitement about God was clear for all to see and he soon asked to be baptised.

Not long after this, Hristomir asked Plamena to be his wife. His whole life has changed. He and Plamena have dedicated their home and lives in ministry to the Lord and to serving others. His family have even been to church and have heard about God. It all started with a computer course.