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Familiestitle Operation Winter Rescue

2019 OWR a

Keeping families from freezing during winter

Across Eastern Europe, thousands of vulnerable people will struggle to survive winter. Families living in poverty can't heat their homes or feed their children, older people are isolated and unable to access the basic essentials they need, and inadequate housing means children are vulnerable to sickness. Freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall put homeless people at risk of unimaginable pain and suffering, and can cost them their lives.

We provide urgent response to people at risk every day throughout winter, providing vitally-needed food, essential clothing and emergency shelter. Your gift could provide a homeless person with life saving winter boots, a family with emergency shelter and an older person with company and a hot meal.

2019 OWR b

Here is what some of the beneficiaries shared:

"Thank you from all my heart for the shoes you gave to my child. His old ones were torn. We have no job and cannot buy bread, let alone shoes and clothes," - shared Tsanka.

"We don't know you but we thank you for the warm clothes, caps, scarves and gloves. You helped us a lot as we don't have to spend money to buy these items. We cannot afford to buy them. What is more, they are so nice and warm!" - Karamfila said.

"Thank you, Mission Without Borders, for helping people in need! There is no employment in our village or there is very hard and dirty jobs for miserable pay. A lot of people are on the verge of despair.  May God bless you and return it to you a hundredfold."