"Bringing spiritual, emotional, educational & material aid to Eastern Europe"

Getinvolvedtitle Church family

There are so many ways your church or group can be involved in our work!

Contact us by phone at 604-855-9126 (Abbotsford local) or toll free 1-800-494-4454 or email to discuss the options.

PRAYER:  Your prayers are so important to our work. Could you include our work in your services and bulletins? Handouts and flyers can be provided for your use.

FUND-RAISING:  You and your church can have such fun fundraising. Read about how some of our supporters have raised money in the past, or have a look at our list of fundraising ideas.

SPONSORSHIP:  Your church may wish to have closer links with a particular children's home or community centre. It's a marvellous opportunity to express your faith in a practical and loving way. Or perhaps you could take on a family or child sponsorship.

GUEST SPEAKERS:  We would be delighted to visit your church to speak to a group or at a service. It would be a lovely opportunity for fellowship and to share up-to-date information on our work. We await your invitation.