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Many residential buildings in Ukraine have been damaged or destroyed
Many residential buildings in Ukraine have been destroyed or damaged in the war, leaving famileis exposed to the elements with no electricity or heat. In other countries, the skyrocketing cost of wood, electricity, and heating oil is making life even more difficult for families already struggling in poverty.

Ukrainians are facing an especially brutal winter at war

 “There aren’t enough emergency generators. The absence of power supply causes huge discomfort. However, at moments of despair we remind ourselves of those Ukrainians who have been suffering from constant shelling and bombing and terror for a long time. They’ve had no light, no heating and no water supply for many months since the beginning of the war. Then there’s a humble gratitude in our hearts for everything we still have for now – and our sincere and fervent prayer for those who are in much worse conditions.”
Alyona Maxymchuk, MWB communications manager in Ukraine

MWB provides assistance for families in need to stay warm during the winter
Ivan, a father in Ukraine, holds his daughter
close in their apartment that has no heat this winter.