Latest update from our Field Countries

[POSTED ON JUNE 1, 2020]

We wanted to update you on the changes to lock-down in our field countries and how that affects our ability to resume our work.  All countries are making decisions at different rates, as well as looking at each country individually. We also need to be conscious that this is a global pandemic and what is allowed in one country may not work well in another.  In some areas we will be making our own decisions about what is allowed even if that is stricter than what is allowed locally.

Restrictions: Movement restrictions are still in place in all of our field countries.  There are local variations but in all countries our staff will need to continue wearing masks, maintain physical distancing and no group gatherings are allowed. In some countries there is still an emergency state declared, but by the end of May some states may relax the restrictions and hope to lift all restrictions totally by the end of June.

Activities: Food, hygiene and meal distributions continue even with restrictions, as does phone contact and some visits with families.  After-School programs and Soup Kitchens will be dependent on when group gatherings are allowed again.

Summer Camps: All our field countries agree that restrictions on large gatherings will be in place for June and probably July so most have cancelled their summer camp reservations. Ukraine and Bulgaria have not yet cancelled as it may be possible to keep the summer camps in July or August. We will analyse the risks and wait until mid-June to decide, as local freedom for holding a summer camp is not the only deciding factor but also the wider perspective on risk management. Day camps might be an option but that also will be dependent on local restrictions and will be no earlier than August or September.

Team: The general atmosphere among our staff & volunteers is good. Albania, Moldova and Ukraine teams have returned to the office partially. Bosnia, Bulgaria and Romania need a longer time for remote work and will re-evaluate by mid-June. We’ve agreed that this is a local decision for now so they will evaluate the situation and recommend what is best.

Thank you for your continued support, both in prayer and financially. Please keep our teams and our beneficiaries in your prayers. This pandemic has been devastating to our local economies, and as always the poor suffer the most in times like these.  We will update you again as soon as there are any changes.




Give the gift of hope and love