A Helping Hand

Mission Without Borders is there to bring hope and help to the elderly in need

Helping the Elderly

Margareta (69) lives in Romania and exists at the limit of subsistence.
She recently told one of our staff, Cristina: “Maybe you don’t realize how much these parcels of food mean to me. But I assure you, they are very appreciated and always come at the right time. My cooking oil, sugar and flour were gone and I was just thinking what to do. What will I eat? But God always provides. You never forget me. You brighten my days! Thank you so much!”

At Mission Without Borders, we are passionate about looking after all those who need support … from the elderly widow to the child, and families in crisis, we aim to bring love and care to the least of these.

As the war in Ukraine continues, food insecurity is increasing especially among the vulnerable. Many who were struggling to afford basic groceries and supplies before the war are now facing empty shelves and rising prices.
Your support – both financially and in prayer – helps us continue to minister to those living in extreme poverty in six of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe – Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

You can help support the mission through a gift today and bring hope to those struggling to survive against almost insurmountable odds. Click here to donate today.