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Albania Earthquake Appeal

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A devastating earthquake struck Albania on Tuesday, November 26. Rescuers continue to look for survivors as subsequent after shocks add to the damage. The death toll has now risen to 51 (updated) and almost 2,000 injured in Albania's worst earthquake in decades, with hundreds of buildings destroyed. 


The magnitude 6.4 tremor struck 34 km north-west of Tirana, and most of the deaths occurred in Durres, where Mission Without Borders is based, and in the town of Thumane.

[Dec 4, 2019 Update] One of our staff members has shared: "It is terrible to experience and feel the destruction of your hometown. It's not easy to cope with the panic of children and adults, to meet people who have lost their loved ones; and to conclude that if construction companies would have been more responsible during the building process, the number of victims may have been smaller. It's hard to meet people who have lost everything. It hurts so much to feel unsafe at home. But there is hope and after more than one week, our city is trying to get back to normal. Schools that have not been damaged will restart on December 9 in Durres. Please continue to keep us in your prayers!"

Our staff are out in the community supporting affected families and distributing much needed help including food and hygiene items. The emotional and spiritual support they provide is also vital at such a time of crisis. We are working alongside the Evangelical Alliance and other aid agencies such as the Red Cross, who have been mobilized to respond to this disaster.

Currently we are distributing food, clothing and hygiene items that we have available. 

What makes MWB unique is our rootedness in communities in Albania and the close relationships our local staff have with the families and people we work with. We will continue to support those affected by the earthquake as long as the need remains.

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Our emergency appeal is to raise funds for both immediate support to families and communities as winter sets in - and beyond that, to help cover the costs of people repairing their homes.