"Bringing spiritual, emotional, educational & material aid to Eastern Europe"


Annual Manager's Report

The migration of refugees throughout the world this year reminded us of our conflict and times of escaping from war. This time our countrymen are escaping hopelessness and lack of jobs, as they migrate again to various "promise lands". According to statistics, at least 5% of population of Bosnia-Herzegovina has left the country in the last three years.

2018 BH 3

Instead of all negative trends, it has been a wonderful year with lots of victories behind us. We are supporting 130 families towards self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency projects help restore communities to wholeness. To prepare families for that step, we make sure that they receive spiritual and emotional as well as material support, and help with their basic needs, with education, or help when urgent situations arise. Soup kitchens in partnership with churches and Help to Elderly are ministries that are recognised throughout the country, and commended by local and national officials, as well as by the media. Practically speaking, they provide food for 250 people daily. For many of them, that is the only help they receive. Our long-term commitment makes our beneficiaries less stressed and our ministry is growing toward mutual helping and partnership.

We organised events like the Alpha course where we could grow together in knowing the will and grace of Jesus Christ, who is the perfect example of a friend to all people, especially to the needy. One of our partnering churches, at the east side of Mostar, closely works with us in rebuilding this community, proclaiming reconciliation with God and among war-torn people.

2018 BH 4

The church is very much involved in our work with children, helping us to organise summer camps, follow-up events of summer camps and regular weekly work with young ones. They have, with most of the other evangelicals, organised events to commemorate 500 years since the Protestant Reformation, in this way raising awareness of church ministry, presence and heritage. B-H is the least evangelised country in Europe, but believers, even though they are few, are strong in faith. The message of the gospel and revival is very needed, to open eyes to see the beauty of God. More than anything, this country needs people who will pray and fast for it, and seek the outpouring of the Spirit to heal the land. Listening to our church partners is very important and it is important for us to help strengthen them. From both sides, we share the same vision, we have a lot of experience and hope to find humble servants to join us in our mission.

2018 BH 1

Both the families we serve, and our team, who are brave and tireless, are fighting relentlessly with a holistic approach to restore our nation. It seems like it will not get much better soon, but we do not look merely at the physical reality; we look with a heart of faith. We are to trust that the One who has started the good work in us and around us, fulfils His promise. Our Mission is not about barely surviving, but with deep desire and compassion, making people's lives better.

2018 BH 2

Thank you for contributing in bringing change and hope into many lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dalibor K.

MWB Bosnia-Herzegovina Field Manager