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MWB has worked in Bulgaria since the collapse of communism and the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991. Working through partnership with churches, we have established various aid, emotional, health and Christian ministry programs aimed at meeting the needs of some of Bulgaria's most vulnerable people, including the much persecuted Gypsy and Turkish ethnic minorities. In 1997, we established our own offices in the capital city, Sofia. By 2000 our work had progressed to assisting the physically & mentally disabled, and the elderly.


At our Summer Camps, deprived children are shown love and understanding. They play and learn in an atmosphere full of hope and security. Within community centres supported by MWB, the elderly are welcomed with a smile and treated with dignity as they receive hot nutritious food. We also run Computer courses to help people become self-sufficient once more. Our Family sponsorship program was launched in Bulgaria in April 2010. Bulgaria has now entered the EU with certain limitations. There are concerns over corruption within the government and over organised crime. The fact that we work through our own Bulgarian staff and churches has meant that we can ensure help reaches those for whom it is intended.

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