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Mission Without Borders has worked in Moldova since 1997. Based in the capital city of Chisinau, and employing only Moldovan nationals, MWB established humanitarian aid as well as Christian outreach programs. These meet the needs of Moldova's most vulnerable. Most particularly, MWB expanded its child sponsorship program to support the thousands of children living in Modova's dilapidated and overcrowded orphanages.


Moldova is described by the European Parliament as Europe's poorest country, with a large foreign debt and high unemployment (7.5%). All sections of society are impacted by this: pensions are hardly enough to buy basic foods, while state funding for orphanages cannot always heat the Homes. MWB works in co-operation with the Moldovan government to improve the life of Moldovans of all ages.

Families and the elderly

Within tens of Moldovan thousands of families, one or both parents leave their children to find work abroad. We developed MWB's  Family-to-Family sponsorship program, in order to support impoverished families to become self-sufficient and enable them to stay together.

We have also opened community centres to feed the hungry, provide support for the elderly and vocational training for the unemployed.


Thousands of children live in institutions, deprived of family care. MWB's support for institutionalised and poor children includes sponsoring more than 7,000+ children, offering summer camps, Dreambus outings, vocational education, emotional and life-skills training, as well as practical items, such as clothing and health care. Find out how Artiom's life has changed through MWB sponsorship.

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