"Bringing spiritual, emotional, educational & material aid to Eastern Europe"

Frequently asked questions

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What countries does MWB work in?

Our work is based in Eastern Europe - specifically: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine. We are also working in China.

Do you use volunteers?

All the full-time work we do in the countries where we have programmes is undertaken by nationals of those countries whom we employ and train as necessary. Volunteers wishing to fundraise on our behalf should contact their local MWB Affiliate office for more information. 

Do you only help Christian people?

No. We serve people without regard to their religion or ethnic background. All aspects of our Christian outreach work are presented as an offer not as a condition for our beneficiaries to receive aid. Everything we do, of course, we do in the love and name of Christ.

How are you funded?

Virtually all our income is from donations received from the public.

How successful is the work?

We maintain long-term local presence in the countries where we work and employ primarily national staff, enabling Mission Without Borders to identify and address the most important and urgent needs of each country. The following highlights some of our achievements.

In Albania we have stepped in to improve the medical conditions in four key Medical Centres, in which the facilities have been refurbished, and we are currently concentrating on vocational courses together with caring for the impoverished.

In Bosnia-Herzegovina MWB serves poverty stricken families, institutions for the elderly, the blind, and the disabled.

In Bulgaria we help the lonely and marginalised through the combined efforts of feeding centres, churches and local groups.

In Moldova MWB has initiated vocational and educational programmes as well as courses on human development which help re-integrate the people into the work force and improve their chances of employment.

In Romania our Child Rescue International programme is involved in many Homes, serving the needs of thousands of children and we are working with the EU and Romanian government as they seek to give every child a family home and put an end to the misery of the orphanages. Besides this we reach the most needy through distributions of food, clothing, medical aid and vocational and educational training.

In Ukraine we provide health camps for children who suffer from a wide range of serious health problems caused by Chernobyl. Focus is also given to impoverished mothers through the MotherCare project and families receive food, hygiene goods, clothing, medicines and Christian literature from our Mission Centre.

Is CRI anything to do with Mission Without Borders?

When the Iron Curtain fell and Mission Without Borders were able freely to enter the Eastern Block, we saw first hand the awful sights in the Romanian orphanages which many of you saw on television. And to help meet the needs we saw, thirteen years ago MWB started a programme called Child Rescue International which has since expanded to Moldova and the Ukraine. CRI is a programme specifically developed to help deal with the problems of children living in institutions and, like all other programmes, comes under the canopy of Mission Without Borders.