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Changing lives in Eastern Europe

Countries like Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine are struggling with economic, social and political problems.

Many live below the poverty threshold. There is little - if any - social structure for those in need. Many families are torn apart by parents leaving for richer countries, with better promises of work, quite literally abandoning their children to aging grandparents who are themselves struggling to survive.

THIS is where Mission Without Borders works, partnering with local churches to bring material, emotional and spiritual support to people in need.

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Education = Better Future / 2018-08-29

Our September 2018 newsletter shares the story of Danijel, who has a passion for higher learning and dreams of becoming a professor. However, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, most families from poverty cannot afford a university education for their children...

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Back Packs for Life! / 2018-07-26

Children living in poverty face many challenges and tremendous stigmatization...

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