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We get it, finding ways to keep your members engaged in applying their faith in practical ways can be a huge challenge, and the dynamics created over the last few years aren't making things any easier.

See how you can engage others to love their neighbor near AND far with MWB through programs like Operation Christmas Love, Ride 2 Provide, The Winter Walk Challenge, and more. 

Bring your teams together to fundraise as a group and help bring urgent aid to those impacted by the war in Ukraine.  Mission Without Borders has been working in Ukraine for over 60 years. We began responding the day of the Russian invasion and we are committed to help Ukrainians in the decades to come to help families rebuild.
Help families and individuals through our programs focused across Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, and Bulgaria where we are working with an extensive network for agencies and partner churches.

Mission Without Borders can help your ministry leaders with opportunities and activities to supplement your church's missional focus. 
Need something to introduce the concept of empathy, charity, and generosity to children and youth? 
How about something to engage adults that gives them something tangible to do while offering opportunities to share their faith and support other new and seeking Christians?

A partnership with Mission Without Borders can help you create a program that engages both your staff and congregation with activities designed to educate and expand their understanding of the importance and impact faith has on the lives of others living in vulnerable situations.
Depending on your location and need we can offer live in-person resources such as presentations and activities, or we can offer live and other on-line resources to suit your needs.

Focused on Eastern Europe, Mission Without Borders is dedicated to showing God's love through providing tangible aid to everyone and anyone in need while helping families become self-sufficient and build brighter futures. 
Let's connect and see what we can do together!

James Carroll
National Director
Mission Without Borders Canada
(519) 267-1113


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