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Help transform the life of a child in Eastern Europe as you help provide for their needs through our Children in Community Sponsorship program. Discover how children benefit from material, emotional, and spiritual support through various activities.

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Transforming futures

Mission Without Borders is committed to helping thousands of children to break out of the cycle of poverty in Eastern Europe every year. We believe that only long-term investment in a child's education, material & emotional support, and faith & hope in Jesus Christ can create real, lasting change in a child's life & the community they live in.

By supporters committing to a regular on-going donation we can provide access to emotional, spiritual and material support, thereby securing a brighter future for a child. Supporters can play a special role by exchanging letters, photos and cards with children, and sharing their milestones, challenges and successes.

Through our Children in Community Sponsorship program, we see children who were at risk of dropping out of school becoming engaged in their education and improving their results. We see children discovering the love of Jesus and becoming Christians. And we see young people becoming the first in their families to finish school and get a university degree.

Valuing education

One of the main ways we offer this support is through our After-School clubs. In this environment of acceptance and high expectations, children flourish. They receive support with homework and help in areas they struggle with. They learn about the God who loves and cares for them and has a plan for their lives. 

The emotional support we offer is essential to children who are neglected because of poverty or who come from backgrounds of abuse. In general, the environment we create is a nurturing one that gives children a ‘home from home’.

MWB’s material support eases any other burdens children face – whether a lack of adequately warm clothing, food or school supplies.

Enjoying childhoods

Our DreamBus excursions take children on days out to gain recreational and educational experiences they would not otherwise have. It includes outings to the capital city, museums, parks and restaurants. Most of the children we work with have never left their village; these experiences are vital to their social and academic learning.

Summer Camps are often the only chance many children we work with have the chance to go on holiday. They are given a break from the challenges of life at home and enjoy a week of simply being carefree, playful children. At Summer Camp, children take part in sports, games, arts and crafts and Bible study. They make new friends and explore their creativity in comfort and safety, receiving counselling and emotional support from our trained staff and volunteers.

For as little as $40 CDN a month, you can change a child's life!


Backpacks with school supplies given to children across Eastern Europe in 2022

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