Sending a very warm and sincere Merry Christmas greeting to you all!

As we turn the calendar and see DECEMBER, we realize that we are on the cusp of another new year – Lord willing – but one has to ask, where has the year gone??!! Bet you feel the same way!

There is always so much good stuff reported from our field workers, it could never fit in just one newsletter. So hopefully you also follow MWB on Facebook and Instagram, where we post nearly every day, sharing more about our ministry in Eastern Europe.

2021 has been exciting for our Canadian office ... we relocated in June, downsizing from a warehouse to smaller office space. Our National Director has now set up a warehouse in the Toronto area, for collection of GIK (Gift-in-Kind) items and has been successful in receiving large quantities of corporate goods, which will be shipped to our warehouse in Romania. He is also busy with many on-line fundraising projects, as we wait for the day when traveling and personal visits can be made once more!

God has truly been good and faithful to us, as we carry on His work amongst those that need His help so very much. And the work could not happen but for the wonderful blessing of supporters like you.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support of Mission Without Borders!


Olha is a refugee from the Lugansk oblast and now resides in Blahodatne, western Ukraine. She has cerebral palsy and eyesight problems; the support from MWB  – including Operation Christmas Love – means the world to her.

When war first broke out in eastern Ukraine in 2014, Olha’s mother had just been diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly, all facilities and services ground to a halt, and like many others, Olha and her mother had to shelter at home without running water or electricity, with no food or support from social workers.

Eventually, they were able to escape from the conflict zone, and were warmly accepted by a church community in Blahodatne; some Christians even allowed them to live in an empty old house.

Her mother sadly died soon after their move, leaving Olha to fend for herself amongst the kindness of strangers.

“I find many little reasons to be joyful every day … it is Jesus, the bright sky that I see from my window. I am limited physically, but my heart and soul are free.”

“I thank MWB for their support and for the Operation Christmas Love parcels I have received. I cannot thank the people who gave generously in person, but I keep them in my prayers.”


Anatoliy and Nataliya live with their four children in a village in Ukraine, where there are high levels of unemployment. Several years ago he lost his job in construction, and couldn’t find permanent work for a long time. This period of instability affected Anatoliy very much; he became depressed and withdrawn.

“I felt guilty and frustrated that I wasn’t able to earn enough to make a living for our family,” Anatoliy said. “I started drinking alcohol to get some relief. I knew that my wife and children needed my time, care and love, but I preferred to spend time anywhere except at home.”

Anatoliy’s mother prayed for him and his family throughout this time, while his wife asked the local church to pray, too.

“I’m not very religious, but I think that God answered my mother’s prayers,” Anatoliy said. “I stopped drinking alcohol and soon found temporary work. My salary is small, but I’m thankful to have a job. Also, a year ago, our family became acquainted with MWB. Since then, you have helped us so much.”

“Operation Christmas Love parcels are such a valuable help to us. We are so thankful to all the sponsors and staff of the Mission.”


Nadya was mostly raised by her grandmother, a faithful worker at our Soup Kitchen in Blahodatne, Ukraine. She devoted many years ministering to children and cooking for them. She prayed every day for her own daughter – Nadya’s mother – who has long been addicted to alcohol.

As Nadya grew up, she attended Christian meetings at the Soup Kitchen, never missing a day; she knew a lot about God and His love. After her grandmother passed away, Nadya drifted away from God and followed in her mother’s footsteps, dating various men in the search for love. She became a single mother and is now struggling to raise her own children.

The staff at our Soup Kitchen never forgot Nadya, and knew God had not given up on her.

Inna, one of the Soup Kitchen staff said: “We never lost touch with Nadya. I kept telling her that God has a plan for her life and a better future for her children!”

One day Nadya confessed that she needed help. Now her children attend the Soup Kitchen regularly, and MWB is helping her spiritually, emotionally, and materially. God has not given up on Nadya, and neither will our support staff close to her!

Help us make this year’s Operation Christmas Love campaign the biggest and best ever, and that as many people as possible can receive God’s love in the coming holiday season.

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