SEPT 2021: Education is the way out of Poverty

Parents Romel and Mirela live in a small village 22 km from Pitesti, a city in south-central Romania that boasts 2 universities and is an important commercial & industrial center.

Education is valued by Romel & Mirela, who understand it is truly the only way out of poverty for their 11 children – 6 girls & 5 boys.

But it has not been easy to keep them all in school. Education is free in Romania, but families must still pay for uniforms, supplies and transport, which adds up for a large family and only 1 breadwinner, father Romel.

Mother Mirala recalls: “Sitting on the couch one day, about four years ago, scribbling in a notebook all the school expenses for our children, I started to cry. Even the cost of bus passes into town was too much for us. We didn’t know what to do. My husband barely earned enough to make ends meet and our house was still being built. Having our children drop out of school was not even an option for us. I started praying and asked God to help us find ways to cover at least the costs of the transport.”

“As with many other times before, God answered beyond my expectations! Just two or three days after my prayer, Daniel T. from Mission Without Borders came to visit and offered us the opportunity to enroll the children in the MWB scholarship program. We have been incredibly blessed by it ever since!”

This family was not going to give up on their children’s education, knowing it is their route to a brighter future, a belief that is shared by Mission Without Borders.

Every year in Romania alone, Mission Without Borders supports around 160 children & young adults who would otherwise be unable to continue their education.

Five children from this family were selected for scholarships, and they are beyond grateful for such vital support. In this family, Raluca has already graduated with a degree in physical therapy, Magdalena is a first-year law student and Robert is supported in the 10th grade at high school. Lavinia is in her second year studying biology and healthcare, while Ramona is in her first year of nursing.

Lavinia shares the difficulties of studying as part of such a large family … it can be difficult to find space to study or relax in the house! But she is nonetheless determined to finish her studies and get good results so she can fulfil her dream of becoming a prison nurse: “I have always wanted to do something significant. It is a great feeling to be able to help someone,” she explains.

Lavinia & Ramona have very busy schedules, starting at 6:00 am every morning. In addition to their studies, both girls help around the house and with such a large family, there’s always something that needs doing!

Your donation today will help Mission Without Borders continue to support students with scholarships across our 6 field countries, in order to achieve their dreams of higher education.

Pictured: Lavinia (left) and Ramona (right)

Coming from a large family, Lavinia feels as if all eyes are on her and her siblings, almost as if people are willing them to fail, just to prove to their parents that having so many kids was not such a good idea. But through it all, the siblings have kept their faith, motivating each other to shine and to be good examples to anyone who is watching.

“This family had so many needs when they were enrolled in our Families-in-Crisis program,” explains Daniel, their MWB coordinator. “They would never have got to where they are now without helping hands embracing and supporting them in all the ups-and-downs they have had to deal with. They are a good, hard-working family who get on well with each other and their neighbors in the village, and I am honored to know them.”

“If MWB had invested in the children’s scholarships alone that would have been enough for them, as they esteem education so much. But we have also been able to help out with practical help of food and hygiene supplies, household items, clothing, shoes, toys and farming tools,” says Daniel.

Another MWB team member in Romania, Ada G. oversees the scholarship program for that country, and explains the vital importance of supporting young people’s educational ambitions:

“We have been told many times that if it wasn’t for our scholarship program, children would have failed to even graduate school.”

Ada continues: “I am happy to be part of this team and what it stands for. We make a difference in the lives of our students by helping them to build confidence and move towards their God-given destiny.”

Children and young adults from families living in extreme poverty in Eastern Europe cannot outgrow their condition of poverty without a decent education ... which costs money! If they cannot afford basics like meals & accommodation, it is needless to say that tuition, supplies, and transportation are bigger issues.

Let's leave the last word to Lavinia in Romania:

“My siblings and I are very grateful for all your investment in our education. Thank you for making it possible for us to be closer day-by-day to fulfilling our dreams and thank you for giving us the hope we needed to continue our learning journey.”

We are so amazed by all those who so faithfully and generously donate to our programs as we work for a better future for the next generation in Eastern Europe. Even though it seems like the world is in a constant swirl of chaos and sadness and uncertainty, you—our faithful supporters—have been a tidal wave of generosity and compassion, that just keeps coming.

Thank you, and God bless!

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