“Then God said, I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”  [Genesis 1:29, NIV]

The Antunovics are a family who live in the suburbs of Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. The father Vladimir (36) has a job working as a car mechanic, but his wages are low.

“Trying to meet my family’s needs on just one salary makes it impossible to save extra money at the end of the month,” he said.

The family home, however, has a cheerful atmosphere, with Dario (14), Antonio (13), and Luka (12), playing and drawing together; Vladimir repairing the car; and the mother, Anica (33) making lunch using vegetables from their garden.

All the family members work hard at tending the vegetables they grow in the yard which provide a useful extra source of healthy food, and one that they share with others in need.

The family was enrolled in Mission Without Borders’ Families-in-Crisis program because of their ongoing struggle with poverty, and the family has certainly made the most of the opportunity …  their lives have changed dramatically over a short period of time.

Vladimir’s desire was always to set up a part-time mechanic business to earn extra cash, as well as continuing in his current job – but he didn’t own the tools needed for such a venture.

When Drazan — our MWB staff coordinator who works with the family — saw how hard Vladimir worked, he organized some tools as a micro-enterprise project. The whole family has been blessed by Vladimir’s ability to now take on extra work.

Drazan said it was a joy to see how generous many of the families MWB supports are towards others in need. He said, “Seeing them go on to share their harvest and their tools with others is truly an encouragement to all of us. This shows us that we are on the right path.”

Anica said, “I am very thankful for all your help and the time that Drazan spends with us. It means a lot and thank you for everything that you’re doing for us and all the other families. You are a real light in this world today.”

Mission Without Borders is committed to strengthening families, and supporting them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

We plant the seeds of potential in families’ lives through our material, emotional & spiritual support.

This spring, help us sow seeds for a better future ... seeds that will transform many families in Bosnia-Herzegovina and across Eastern Europe.

Families in Eastern Europe are facing desperate unemployment and poverty because of the impact of the war in Ukraine & the COVID-19 pandemic on their livelihoods.

This Spring, more than ever before, growing gardens will ensure that children & families can eat, fortify their health and give them new hope and security for a better future.

Our “Seeds of Hope” boxes contain high-quality seeds for tomatoes, carrots, beans, onions, peppers, peas and potatoes. We can only do this with your help!

We recently heard from Volodymyr B. (program manager for MWB Ukraine), that people there—his own family included—are managing local food price increases by growing their own vegetables, sharing them with neighbors, and decreasing their dependency on grocery stores (not that the stores are carrying much of anything due to the war).

Spring is a time of renewed hope, and your gift this month could mean the difference between sustaining a livelihood versus scrounging desperately to feed a family. This month, please give the gift that keeps on giving, for months to come. And we thank you for your support!

Your gift of $50 provides 3 boxes of seedlings and  starter plants for a family living in desperate poverty, providing them with essential food to survive
Your gift of $90 covers the costs of tools (hoes, rakes, etc.) as well as seeds, an irrigation system, and support & training in practical agriculture skills


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