Your gift to Mission Without Borders supports the children, families, and individuals we work with across Eastern Europe with material, personal, and spiritual support through our many programs. Our Child and Family sponsorship programs connect you to those your gifts are helping directly as our coordinators visit the children and families on a monthly basis to check on progress, their health and well-being, offer encouragement and connect them with local resources.

Education is key to building a stronger future. Mission Without Borders offers scholarship support to students across Eastern Europe as they seek to improve their lives through education.
Scholarships help cover expenses and fees not covered by state programs such as transportation, lodging, food, and other supplies students need to succeed. Every year MWB helps families afford what without help would be out of reach.

Every year MWB delivers special boxes of treats and household supplies to families in need through its Operation Christmas Love Program

Every year, Mission Without Borders blesses families in the communities we work in, whether they are registered in our programs or not, with our Operation Christmas Love program. Thousands of boxes packed with special gifts for kids and adults along with biblical stories of love and hope are packed and delivered by volunteers and staff to families in need throughout the Christmas season.  

MWB visits seniors that are alone and without family that need help making ends meet.

Mission Without Borders' programs not only work with children and families. We also offer support to the elderly in communities - many of who have no family, or are left to survive on their own with little to no resources. MWB's Elder Care program helps supply food and heating supplies as well a much needed human connection for some of the most vulnerable elders in the community.

MWB serves some of the most vulnerable through its Street Mercy program providing clothes, food and hope for those that are homeless

Mission Without Borders' Street Mercy programs are focused on helping some of the most vulnerable in the community - those that have no other support (and sometimes no homes) and depend on programs like ours for support, warm food, shelter, and clothing. Our Street Mercy programs can meal the difference between life and death for many, especially during the brutally cold winter months across Eastern Europe.

Our Summer Camps program is something kids and families look forward to every year. MWB offers free camp programs for families that can't afford to send their kids to summer camp. Our camps give the kids a chance to break away from the worries and stress of everyday life and take some time to enjoy childhood with their friends while learning important lessons and skills.

Every program Mission Without Borders offers is focused on helping people build better futures for themselves. Your gifts support counselling and training programs across Eastern Europe that encourage and equip people with the tools and skills to become self-sufficient and employable so they can create a better lives for themselves and their families and break free from poverty.

MWB Coordinators share the Bible and help those that are interested expand their faith

All of Mission Without Borders' programs encourage those we serve to learn more about God's love for them. Participation in our Christian Input program isn't mandatory to receive our assistance, but we do encourage those we help to discover the network of support that is open to them through the local church and, for those that are willing, participate in bible studies to strengthen their faith.




Give the gift of hope and love