Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Mission Without Borders Canada, a registered charity (BN#: 139482855 RR0001) with offices in Abbotsford, British Columbia and Cambridge, Ontario, is committed to keeping your data safe. Your privacy, peace of mind and trust are important to us!

We only collect personal data for specific purposes and will not keep the data for any longer than necessary.

Through this Privacy Statement we aim to inform you about how we collect your information, how we ethically and respectfully process, store and destroy your information, how you can change your privacy preferences, how you can exercise your rights and how to contact us with any questions, feedback, or complaints. We are here for you!   

When and how we collect your information

When you call us or send us information

Mission Without Borders collects personal information (data) from you when you write to us, respond to public communications, or respond to invitations to support our work. This may be in the form of a response coupon, a phone call, an SMS, a digital contact formular or a letter or note (sent either physically or electronically). Typical information you may provide us with are your name, contact details (phone number, address, e-mail), birth date/ ID number, support preferences, payment details etc.

When you visit us online

When you visit us online, we collect user data (cookies) such as location data, device information, the data and time of your visit, which of our (sub) pages you visit as well as other traffic data and preferences connected to our website. We use this information to make our web site as relevant and informative as possible for you as a visitor.

Social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. LinkedIn, SnapChat, TikTok, and Vimeo) as well as Google collect various user data (please see their individual privacy statements for further information) and from that we may receive (anonymous) statistics telling us what generates interest, engagement etc. among the material we publish. We use this information to make our recruitment of supporters as efficient as possible and to make our communication as relevant as possible for you as a visitor.

Please note that if you submit personal or sensitive information through public message boards, the information may be collected or used by others.  (for more information about your online visits and our Cookie policy please <click here> )

When we meet face to face

We may collect personal information about you in connection to an event, a conversation or other “face to face” (being physically at the same place) meeting. We will only collect the personal data that is clearly given to us by yourself (as the data subject). Typical information you may provide us with as a supporter are your name, contact details (phone number, mailing address, e-mail), birth date/ ID number, support preferences, payment details etc.  

If you are part of one of our field programs or projects, we may collect your personal data as well as progression data in compliance with the agreement you signed when you enrolled into the program, or data you agree to share with us through our face to face or telephone conversations.    

When you apply to, or work for MWB or partner with us

When you apply for a role (staff, volunteer or similar), you submit personal data and information through your application and/or interview processes. We process the information in connection to selection and appointment processes but destroy personal data and information regarding non-selected applicants soon after the recruitment process has ended.
If you partner with us, we keep contact details and entity or personal data, as agreed through cooperation agreements.  

Our basis for processing your data


We process personal data from people taking part in our field programs or projects based on (contractual) consent. For personal data connected to children under parental care/ guardianship (giving consent on their behalf) we also seek the minor’s consent if any of the personal information is to be shared in the public space and the child is above 14 years old.
When we process supporter (donor) data with the intent of communicating with you through electronic means (including SMS) we do this based on your explicit consent.
We may process staff and volunteer data in connection to obligatory or needed processes identified in employment agreements or other signed agreements based on their consent.

Legitimate interest

We process personal data connected to supporter engagement (us sending out news and invitations to participate) and supporter contributions (registering the contribution in our management systems) based on legitimate interest. We communicate with supporters for a reasonable time period after their last engagement and always with the opportunity for the supporter to change their supporter preferences or choice to not receive further communications.

Legal obligation

We process personal data based on our legal obligation to do so. Examples of this are tax reporting to the authorities for staff and people benefiting from our programs and projects or filing driving data for staff or volunteers driving our company vehicles.

Processing sensitive information and information regarding children or vulnerable persons

We are conscious that from time to time we process sensitive information and partly process information regarding children and vulnerable persons (both program participants and supporters). We strive to ensure that children and/or vulnerable persons understand the content of the consent (even when a guardian gives consent) and do our utmost to protect the vulnerable from any form of pressure (i.e. elderly supporters). We never share any categories of sensitive information with third parties.      

What do we do with your personal information?

Processing communication, requests, and donations

We process your personal data and information in connection to providing you with the communication we believe you will benefit from and that give you the opportunity to stay informed and engaged. We may also process your personal data in connection to any request you may send our way and when we register your donation or contribution.

Personalized marketing

We process your personal data and information to provide you with the most relevant communication based on your earlier engagement and/or support and publicly available information. We may process your data in such way that we can offer you engagement opportunities based on area of living, area of interest, expressed funding capacity and church affiliation.

Social media marketing

If you have provided us with your e-mail (under consent), we may reach out to you with information and marketing material through Facebook or other social media platforms.
As we plan efficient campaigns on Facebook, Facebook may use your Facebook activities (anonymously) to build effective lookalike audiences who may share similar characteristics to you, for the purposes of reaching like-minded individuals.

Share testimonies and personal stories

We may share personal data as an integral part of testimonies and personal stories with the greater audience based on consent.

Process relating to recruitment, employment and/or volunteering 

When you apply for employment or a volunteering role with Mission Without Borders, we collect, process, and store your personal data in connection to recruitment activities. We keep that data for the duration of your employment (or period of volunteering) and for the duration that we are legally obliged to and then safely destroy the data. 

How and where we store your data           

Private and secure

We keep your personal data stored securely by keeping our technology and software updated and by storing data in a secure hosting environment. We never share or swap your personal data with any other charity, organization, or other entity and only process for Mission Without Borders related activities. Access to the personal data is only granted to relevant staff members and /or volunteers that need such access to carry out our work and always within a secure environment. If we use third parties for parts of our processing work, it always happens to be governed by a contract that legally binds the parties and takes all privacy and personal data regulations into account.

Sharing with authorities

We are legally obliged to submit certain personal data to the authorities. Examples of this are tax records for employees, your donations for tax exempt (based on your request) and deliverables to program and project attendees in our program countries.

Sharing with service providers and third parties

We may share personal data with third parties when they assist us in carrying out necessary parts of our work. Such sharing of data is always governed by an agreement that honors applicable regulations and your privacy, and all data shared is safely destroyed once the agreed processing/ operation is carried out.

For how long we keep your data

We keep your personal information only for as long as we need it for each of our activities. What we must do by law, accounting and tax all come into play. We also have a separate data retention policy to guide us. If you want to know more about how long we keep your data, please feel free to contact us.

Your choices and rights


If you want to change what we send you, or how we contact you, just let us know – for example you can tell us that you no longer want fundraising materials or parts of the material, or you can ask us to contact you by email rather than post.

Keeping your details up to date

It is helpful for us (and you) to keep your details with us up to date. We therefore ask that you inform us of any changes to your contact information, payment details or other relevant details for our cooperation.

Your rights

Canadian privacy legislation and other privacy and personal data regulations gives you full control over your personal data shared with us. You can at any time exercise you right with regards to:

  • ask us to delete your personal data (right to erasure)
  • limit how we keep and use your personal data
  • disagree with our reasons for keeping and using your personal data, i.e. where we have said we have a legitimate reason for processing it
  • disagree with automated decision making in online job applications and personalized marketing, where we build up a profile of you. If you don’t want us to use profiling, we might not be able to send you the information you’d find most interesting or useful.
  • ask us to give you an electronic copy of the information we have about you so you can send it to another organization (data portability)
  • ask to see what information we have about you. We’ll respond to you within one month


Feedback or Complaints

If you have questions on our privacy statement and policy, want to give us feedback, have any concerns or want to complain about something, we would like to hear from you.
For all matters connected to privacy and personal data, please contact us

Via  Phone: 800-494-4454
Via Mail: Box 2007, Abbotsford, B.C. V2T 3T8
Via E-mail:




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