Ukraine in Crisis

Ukraine is Europe's second largest country – and second poorest after Moldova. The conflict that originally began in eastern Ukraine in 2014 has killed over 14,000 people, and left more than 3.4 million people needing urgent assistance. Millions of people have exhausted their resources, and the numbers struggling to put food in the table doubled to over 1.2 million by 2017. 

With the recent Russian invasion in late February 2022, and ensuing war across Ukraine today, at least 12 million people have fled their homes due to the violence, with more than 5 million fleeing to neighbouring countries and some 7 million displaced within Ukraine itself (as of July 2022).

The majority of those fleeing the country are women, children, and the elderly; men 18-60 are barred from leaving Ukraine, forcing families to split up as they seek safety.

MWB remains dedicated to working in Ukraine during these dangerous times. You can help provide more emergency aid to those sheltering in Ukraine and those fleeing the violence through MWB Canada's Ukraine Emergency Appeal today.

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Staff in Ukraine are focused on helping those that cannot flee, providing emergency food, clothing, supplies, and shelter. We are also providing transportation and assistance to those fleeing to safer areas in Ukraine and surrounding countries. In some cases MWB coordinators in Ukraine are opening their own homes up to shelter families in their basements, to protect them from the missile attacks.

With families fleeing the violence, MWB is pausing registration of new family and child sponsorships in Ukraine at this time. Staff is focused on assisting families and the vulnerable that remain. Children in institutions have either been evacuated by the government to family in other areas of Ukraine, or to shelters in bordering Romania, Moldova and Poland.

Historically, our work has been focused in western Ukraine, in Sarny, Rivne & Blahodatne, and in the area affected by the 1986 Chernobyl accident. In 2021, MWB began expanding its work into eastern Ukraine, before the Russian invasion, helping families in need through our Families-in-Crisis (sponsorship) program, and delivering Operation Christmas Love aid packages of food and supplies.

Pray for Ukraine and peace today.

Children shelter from missile attacks in the basement of an MWB Coordinator's home in Ukraine

MWB Staff evacutate children with cancer sheltering in a church basement
in Ukraine to safety to an oncology clinic in Poland  where they will continue treatment.

No area is safe as misslle attacks target residential areas, hospitals, and schools
like this public school in Eastern Ukraine destroyed in an attack during the early
days of the invasion.


Greetings from Mykola

Mykola Bogdanets has been the country director since May 1993, which is when MWB Ukraine was established. He said, “Many people are becoming emotionally stressed and even exhausted as the conflict has gone on for so long.

“And yet, the Christians and Mission workers never lose the hope that’s found in Jesus Christ and His promises, and they continue living by grace and doing good deeds to help those who are suffering. In 2023, our programmes and projects had a strong focus on supporting vulnerable adults, children and elderly people, and those who have been impacted by the war. In all our activities we tried to follow the Mission’s purpose of ‘Reaching people for Christ’, and to connect people to the local church.

“By God’s goodness and your generous support, we were able to run Christian summer camps for 1,027 kids. In December 2023, we distributed 10,000 Operation Christmas Love parcels filled with food, sweets, and Christian literature that explains the meaning of Christmas. Nearly 2,000 gift boxes were delivered to the area in eastern Ukraine that’s closest to the conflict zone and where we see a huge amount of poverty.

“In 2024, we are confident that God will continue working ‘all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to his purpose’ (Romans 8:28). With your support, we plan to continue helping families, children and the elderly. Please hold Ukraine and the Mission in your prayers and may God bless you.

In 2022, 3,689 children in Ukraine were supported through our Sponsorship programs

In 2022, 77 students in Ukraine were supported with Scholarships or Vocational Training courses

In 2022, 464 families in Ukraine were supported through our Sponsorship program