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One Year At War - Bringing hope to Ukraine

Mission Without Borders has been on the ground responding to the crisis in Ukraine from the first day of the invasion. Having local staff in Ukraine allowed us to be there for Ukrainians as they sought safety from air attacks sheltering in churches and basements.

As families fled the violence to safety in other countries, our staff in Romania and Moldova were there at border crossings providing emergency aid, support, and comfort as millions became refugees overnight.

Misson Without Borders at Palanca, Moldova providing aid to Ukrainians fleeing the violence of war
MWB was there at the border crossing in Palanca, Moldova in
March 2022 providing aid to families fleeing the violence of war.

Mission Without Borders has been working across Eastern Europe for over 60 years, helping families struggling in poverty and bringing new-found hope to those seeking to build a better future for themselves.


Many face nights with no light as power infrastructure has been badly damaged across Ukraine
Volunteers hold twin babies for parents as they eat a warm meal provided at a MWB food distribution program.
So many homes have been badly damaged in the war, many families can't cook indoors and depend on outdoor emergency food distribution programs.

Churches in Ukraine partnering for impact

See how MWB is partnering with churches across Ukraine to provide not only material aid to Ukrainians impacted by war, but personal and spiritual support as families face uncertain times.

Churches across Ukraine are partnering with MWB to help families impacted by the war.
MWB has partnered with churches across Ukraine to provide aid to those impacted by the war.

During this time in particular, the faith of each Christian must be backed up by good deeds," Volodymyr Brychka, a church pastor in Karpylivka, Ukraine told us.
We are witnessing a huge need for such deeds – and a huge need for God’s light to be poured out on people: on the families who are losing their loved ones, on people who no longer have a place to live, on those people who have become injured by the war and disabled, on those who are suffering from the traumatic experiences they’ve endured ... the list is long indeed."
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Personal reflections on a year at war in Ukraine

Mision Without Borders staff in Ukraine have been delivering aid under the darkness of war for over a year now.

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Virtual Gallery: A year in pictures recording the toll of war

Join us for a special virtual gallery tour of curated images captured by staff in Ukraine over the past year and read stories and reflection on the impact the war and its fallout has had on Ukrainians and communities devastated by fighting since the invasion.

The gallery opened Friday, February 24th - marking one year the lives of millions were changed forever.

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