The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has estimated that more than 5.8 million people have fled Ukraine and more than 7.7 million Ukrainians are internally displaced. This is the fastest forced population movement since the Second World War.

Mission Without Borders is on the ground in Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania, responding directly to the need of those forced to flee.

Mission Without Borders is actively helping refugees find safe shelter and transport, as well as distributing emergency food, supplies, and clothing to those crossing the border as well as those that cannot leave the country.

Cities are under continual shelling and missile attacks. MWB Staff in Ukraine have gone as far as to bring families in to their own homes to shelter them in their basements from the missile attacks. No area is safe as missiles are destroying homes and schools across Ukraine, striking terror in those that do not have the means to flee.

MWB Coordinators shelter families in the basements of their own homes
as missile attacks on residential areas continue.

No area is safe as missiles have targeted and destroyed homes,
hospitals, and schools, like this public school in Zhoytomyr which
was destroyed early in the war.

Mission Without Borders is responding with staff providing emergency care packages to families and individuals who may be cut off from accessing basic needs as they flee safety. Staff are working with local churches in the area to identify those that need assistance the most. 

MWB has provided over 30,000 hot meals have been provided to refugees in Palaca, Moldova
at the border crossings and centres hosting families seeking safety since late February.

Children fleeing Ukraine are exhausted and scared, not knowing what is going to happen next
Children fleeing their homes in Ukraine are exhausted and scared,
not knowing what is coming next, or when they can return home.