Partnerships in Rivne supporting Ukrainian refugees

In the face of adversity caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians have been displaced within their own country, seeking refuge and solace amid the chaos. Thankfully, Mission Without Borders, in collaboration with local churches, has remained a beacon of hope, working to uplift individuals and families who have lost so much.

With decades of experience in Ukraine, Mission Without Borders has been a consistent source of aid and support for those in need. Today, their efforts are focused on partnering with local churches to provide crucial assistance to those affected by the conflict.

MWB staff and volunteers listen to Ukrainian refugees stories in Rivne and offer support
Ukrainian refugees tell their stories and recieve support and comfrot from Misison Without Borders staff and volunteers during the regular meetings.

From the onset of the invasion over 15 months ago, churches in the Rivne region stepped up as vital sanctuaries, transforming into emergency bomb shelters, food banks, and evacuation centers for those seeking safety from the violence.

Even now, as the war persists and the needs of Ukrainians continue to escalate amidst widespread devastation, these local churches remain steadfast partners in providing aid and solace to the ever-growing number of refugees.

Volunteers hold two infant twins as their parents eat at MWB food distribution point in Ukraine
A mother and her daughter attend MWB meetings in Rivne and receive support in partnership with Holy Trinity Church.

Together, Mission Without Borders and the local churches have joined forces to address these pressing needs and bring a glimmer of light to the darkness experienced by so many.

Misha Vavyluuk, a staff writer and photographer with Mission Without Borders in Ukraine, shares his experiences, saying, " This week we had one of regular meetings for refugees on the base of Rivne Holy Trinity Church. There was singing, prayer, sermon, tasty meals, and delivering food and hygiene parcels. Above all this, people were warmed up by attention and care. They felt that they are important and not left alone with their problems."

"Unfortunately," Vavyluuk continues, “(there are) a lot of them: the state support is miserable, the payments are minimal, there is no system of providing working opportunities and living places. Internally displaced people meet indifference and bureaucracy trying to get medical and social help. Many of them have nervous, emotional, and physical disorders. All of them have deep spiritual need. Please pray for them," he asks.

Families in Rivne enjoy songs and support in Rivne.
Volunteers performing worhsip songs provide a short respite to the struggles, along with hope, to refugees working to rebuild their lives in Rivne, Ukraine.

In the Rivne region of Ukraine, Mission Without Borders and the local churches have forged a powerful partnership to combat the hardships faced by Ukrainian refugees. Together, they serve as beacons of hope, providing essential aid, comfort, and a sense of belonging to those rebuilding their lives amidst the ruins of war.

Ukrainian refugees in Rivne receive food and hygiene parcels from Mission Without Borders
Refugees in Rivne receive much-needed food and hygeine supplies from Mission Without Borders on a regualr basis.






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