The invasion of Ukraine which began in late February 2022 showed just how fast things can change for people, and how they must make life-altering decisions and seek safety in little or no time at all.

Without help, families and individuals can be left alone with no assistance when forced to flee their homes, be that because of war, or natural disasters.

The most vulnerable, often the poor and elderly, are at higher risk as they have few resources and contacts to offer aid, food, transport, and shelter in times of crisis.

Help Bring Hope in Crisis

Mission Without Borders has been in communities across Eastern Europe serving the poor and marginalized for over sixty years. And when it comes to a crisis - like the war in Ukraine - we are there to help those in need with immediate emergency aid and supplies when they need it most. 

And when people need to flee their homes, Mission Without Borders staff are there to help, utilizing its network of social agencies and churches across multiple countries to help find safe transport and shelter. 

We are there right now on the borders of Ukraine, in Moldova and Romania, offering much needed food, aid, and support to those fleeing the war today, and we will continue to be there to help when the time comes for them to return home and start rebuilding.

Let Hope Live

Join Mission Without Borders' Hope in Crisis program today and be there for families and individuals across Eastern Europe when they need it most.

From providing something as simple as a water bottle and a smile at a border checkpoint, to providing hot meals, safe transport, and a secure place to stay, your gift will ensure some of the most vulnerable have someone to turn to for help when chaos reigns.

HELP HOPE LIVE today with a single or monthly donation to the Hope in Crisis program.