The war in Ukraine has proven just how fast things can change and how life-altering decisions must be made with little or no time to prepare for families forced from their homes in search of safety.

The most vulnerable, often the poor and elderly, are at higher risk as they have few resources and contacts to offer aid, food, transport, and shelter in times of crisis.

You can help provide hope and aid to those when they feel hopeless and scared, when they need help to figure out the next step, when they're hungry, and when they need someone by their side.

Over 50% of Ukraine's critical infrastructure has been destroyed, forcing rolling blackouts and leaving families with no access to heat or electricity as the cold of winter sets in. 
Recent attacks have also damaged the electrical grid in Moldova, plunging half the country into darkness and cold and placing vulnerable families struggling to heat their homes at even greater risk this winter.

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Help Bring Hope in Crisis

Mission Without Borders has been in communities across Eastern Europe serving the poor and marginalized for over sixty years. And when it comes to a crisis - like the war in Ukraine - we are there to help those in need with immediate emergency aid and supplies when they need it most. 

And when people need to flee their homes, Mission Without Borders staff are there to help, utilizing its network of social agencies and churches across multiple countries to help find safe transport and shelter. 

We are there right now in Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania, offering much needed food, aid, and support to those displaced the war today, and we will continue to be there to help when the time comes for them to return home and start rebuilding.

Let Hope Live
Ivan holds his daughter close in a one-room house with no electricity due to
missile attacks that have destroyed local infrastructure. Millions of Ukrainians
are depending on generators and batteries to supply electricity and heat.

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Join Mission Without Borders' Hope in Crisis program today and be there for families and individuals across Eastern Europe when they need it most.

Your gift today will help share hope, a hope that doesn't fail even when the world around them does. As refugee families settle temporarily in new communities, Mission Without Borders is there to provide regular support as they seek to rebuild their lives in places far from home. It is a journey none of them asked to be on - and one we don't want them to walk it alone.

HELP HOPE LIVE today with a single or monthly donation to the Hope in Crisis program.