Gift in Kind Donations

Mission Without Borders Canada accepts Gifts In Kind of new items that are needed and will benefit the families we serve.

Items that are in the highest demand are warm clothes, shoes, hygiene items and household goods. We accept bulk donations from private and corporate donors and all gifts are eligible for tax receipting at the assessed fair market value.

Because it is expensive and the logistics can be complex to ship and distribute goods in the countries we serve, please contact our office to discuss any potential Gift In Kind donation. You can reach us at (519) 267-1113. Please ask for James Carroll to discuss your potential gift.

If you'd like to donate needed items instead of cash, we have a program that can help with that too!

Shop our online wish list and provide urgently needed items to be shipped out as Gift in Kind.
You choose what you want to donate at a charitable cost and get a tax receipt for your gifts.
MWB then gets everything ready and ships it off to be distributed by local staff to families in need.

Shop our wishlist now!

Discover what a charity has to consider
when accepting an in-kind gift

(Would a charity really look a gift horse in the mouth?)

Volunteer Kit Packing Events

Come together and pack for a purpose!
Looking for a great way to engage your group locally to help families in need in Eastern Europe? If you're in the Greater Vancouver or Toronto area, we can help you create an event that will have lasting impact here and abroad.

Mission Without Borders is partnering with Kits for a Cause to create fun and engaging events where you and your group can get hands-on and pack much needed items into special packs to be sent to our field offices in Eastern Europe.

Mission Kit Packing events are a great way to bring together groups - be they corporate, youth, church, or any other - for a few hours that will have a lasting impact - both for you and your group and the recipients of the kits.

We've partnered with Kits for a Cause in the greater Toronto and Vancouver area to make the process as simple as possible for you. After registering you pick the number and types of kits you want to provide and Kits for a Cause will help you set everything up from start to finish in a fund and safe way.

Click here to learn more and to register your group today




Give the gift of hope and love