Gift in Kind Donations

Mission Without Borders Canada accepts donations of NEW Gifts In Kind items that will benefit the individuals and families we serve in Eastern Europe.


Mission Without Borders Canada can not accept smaller individual donations of gifts-in-kind for Ukraine as all gifts are shipped via shipping container and we cannot afford to stage or store smaller donations until we have enough for a full container.

When importing donated items into the countires we serve officials are taking a more critical look to ensure the items are either new, or clean and very lightly used, so as to stop dumping of items that are of little use or value. In some cases they are turning shipments back if they do not meet their standards (at the cost of the charity).

The costs of shipping goods from Canada to our main distribution warehouse in Romania is expenseive we look to fill a 40-foot shipping container to justify the expense. Logistics to ship a container vary from $15,000 to $25,000 USD. Due to those costs, and the fact we do not have resources to store goods in Canada,  Mission Without Borders Canada can only entertain larger-volume donations of gift-in-kind at this time.
Of course, if you or your firm would like to donate to help cover the shipping costs of donations, your gift can be multiplied in value, often over 30 times and help increase the imapct we have on the lives of some of the most vulnerable!

Items in the highest demand for the families we serve in Eastern Europe include warm clothes, footwear, school supplies, hygiene items, and household goods. We can also accept bulk donations from private and corporate donors; all gifts are eligible for tax receipting at the assessed fair market value.

Dried Soup mix from the North Okanagan Gleaners in B.C. helps feed families and support soup kitchens in the communities we serve. Every year hundreds of volunteers help pack MWB's Operation Christmas Love boxes to bless families in need across Eastern Europe.




Because shippijng items internationally is expensive and logistics can be complex to ship and distribute goods in the countries we serve, please contact our National Manager - James Carroll at (519) 267-1113 or email to discuss any potential Gift In Kind donation or a donation in support of logistics to get more supplies to the field. 

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