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Getinvolvedtitle Summer Camp Dreams


Imagine going to camp for the time time

Imagine being a child living a life of constant hunger, being cold, going with minimal health care, dressed in often dirty, always hand-me-down clothing. 

Imagine living in fear, unloved and abandoned to an orphanage, even though your parents are still alive and capable of caring for you.

Imagine not being allowed to go to school because you have to work at home to help provide for your poverty-stricken for your family.

Imagine being a child with no hope.

For ten golden summer days, Mission Without Borders can change all that. Summer camp brings a whole new life to children. It shows them what can be. It gives them time to be a happy child.


Imagine hearing the message of the Gospel for the first time, and learning that you are loved and cared for.

You can send a child to camp for just $150. This may be the best thing you do all year.

If you would prefer you can send us $15 for each day you wish to send a child to camp. We'll match that with other donations to make sure a child goes to camp for 10 whole days.

Use the DONATE NOW button or call us at 604-855-9126 (Abbotsford local) or toll-free 1-800-494-4454.