Ride 2 Provide

Going the distance for those in need

Ride2Provide is Riding RAGBRAI LI July 20-27, 2024
email teammwb@mwbca.org for more info

Mission Without Borders Ride 2 Provide
2024 registration opens 
Spring 2024

email TeamMWB@mwbca.org for more info


Get on your bike and ride!

Pedal with a purpose and help some of the most vulnerable in Eastern Europe this year by signing up for Mission Without Borders' Ride 2 Provide cycling event. Whether you're a MAMIL, a recreational rider, a roadie, or prefer single tracks, you can make a difference for families in need with your bike this year.

Participating is free, and easy!

  1.  Sign up for free (2024 Registration opens Spring 2024)
  2.  Choose a distance to ride (a distance that will be bit of challenge for you - it can be 20km or 2,000km - any distance works)
  3.  Choose if you'll be riding one epic ride or multiple rides throughout the month
  4.  Choose a fundraising goal (remember, you're raising resources to help those in need)
  5.  Create/Connect your fitness tracking account so you can track tour rides and total distance
  6.  Fundraise in-person or online. Share via social, email, and in-person.
  7.  Get out there and ride! Not riding outside? That's OK - Ride with Zwift as virtual rides still count!
  8.  Share your progress online after each ride and boost your support

Join Mission Without Borders' Ride 2 Provide this year and pedal with a purpose
Ride alone or with friends 

Ride with friends - Join the Ride 2 Provide event
Both outdoor and indoor rides count

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Help bring hope to those in need across Eastern Europe.
Registration opens Spring, 2024!


We're riding RAGBRAI LI Juy 20-27, 2024 - email us to find out more how you can join Team MWB in the great bicyclce ride across Iowa!