Mission Without Borders Winter Walk

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mission Without Borders Winter Walk Challenge is your opportunity to challenge yourself to stay active while experiencing a little of what families across Eastern Europe MWB works with deal with every winter as they strive to keep food on the table and heat their homes.

  • What do I need to participate in the challenge?
    The only thing you need to participate is the will to get out there and walk 2 kilometers every day during the challenge. Now, a good pair of walking boots would probably be a good thing, as well as some warmer outdoor clothes. Need a hat to keep warm on your walks? We got you covered - raise $150 in donations and we'll send you a free MWB Toque or a custom shirt - your choice!
  • Why did you make the goal so easy?
    Easy? This is no walk in the park! 2k a day outside will take perseverance. Let's talk after the challenge and see just how easy it was ;-) 
  • Do you have to walk outside?
    The spirit of the challenge is to complete your walks outside. This challenge is about understanding and feeling what it can be like for the families in Eastern Europe that struggle to heat their homes every day in the winter. Of course, if the weather gets too dangerous to be outside, an indoor walk can work. We don't recommend heading out in the middle of an ice storm or other weather which may put your safety at risk.
    The challenge is based on the fact we believe we can trust you to be honest. After all, the only person that will really know if you walk outside is you (and maybe your dog).
  • How do I track my walks?
    You can keep a record and share all your activities on your social feeds using any of the popular fitness trackers and iOS and Android phones.
    If you're not already connected, you can set up a free account on STRAVA or update your walks using the self-reporting feature on your fundraising profile page. If you need some help, shoot us an email at TeamMWB@mwbca.org and we'll get you on the right track.
  • Do I need a stand-alone fitness tracker to participate?
    No, it is convenient if you do as it will automatically keep track of your activity, but you can also use your Apple and Google Health apps as well as manually enter your activity in the app (we trust you'll be honest).
  • How do I fundraise?
    When you register for the challenge, the process will walk you through creating your personal fundraising page which you can share when asking for support.
    We recommend that you bookmark or save the URL of your personal fundraising page so you can share it via email and social media.
    Keeping people updated on your progress will help as well. Posting about your experience throughout the challenge and including your fundraising page will make it easy for people to donate to you.
  • How can I find my fundraising page?
    You can search for your or another participant's page here.
    Your supporters can also use this link to search for your page and donate to you.
  • I made a mistake (or created multiple fundraising pages), can I delete my fundraising page?
    Send an email to TeamMWB@mwbca.org with the campaign you joined and the name you used and we'll take care of it.
  • What is being tracked and what counts towards the goal?
    Mission Without Borders' Winter Walk Challenge is based on honesty, so we don't actually need to track any of your activities. For privacy we don't include any location or map information when you connect your Strava account. We do recommend you keep a journal or log of your walks so you can share your experience with friends and family and on social media to raise awareness and keep your supporters updated on your experience.
  • Do I have to do this alone?
    Absolutely not! We highly recommend finding a walking buddy and do it together. We're sure dogs will love this challenge. Cat's not so much, but you can try to bring them out ;-)

Registration for the 2024 MWB Winter Walk Challenge is now open.
Sign up today at WinterChallenge.ca

Walk for Warmth this winter