Investing in Families for the Future

Family Sponsorship and Self-Sufficiency programs give families the resources to build better futures for themselves

Building Families Up

Parents Albert and Nicoleta, and their children Bogdan, Alexandra and Cristian, have come a long way. Just seven years ago they lived in one room of the family home, with no kitchen, bathroom, running water or gas, and only an outside toilet and a wood stove for heat and cooking. With no secure income, they relied on social security and allowances for the children. Things were made worse by father Albert’s gambling addiction, which meant that any money he did make disappeared before it could be used to support his family.

It was a dark time for the family, who also had to cope with the death of their third child just a few days after birth.

When our Mission Without Borders coordinator, Traian first came into contact with them he realized that, despite their hardships and difficulties, this was a special family. We began to provide them with food, clothing and household goods, as well as Christian teaching and activities, including summer camps for the children.

The family's wood-burning stove is used for both cooking and heating
- The family's wood-burning stove is used both for cooking and heating.

Traian was impressed with the family’s openness to hearing about God, and learning about God’s unconditional love for them, demonstrated practically in the support given to them, has been transformational. The children shared what they had learned at Christian groups and camps with their parents, who were intrigued. Wanting to know more, they began to attend some church meetings.

Mother Nicoleta was particularly impacted, as she tearfully recalls:

‘"I loved being at church, I loved the peace it gave me. At home things were tough and I didn’t know how to handle them anymore. We have made many mistakes. My husband’s addiction was a great burden for our family and, although we loved each other a lot, we weren’t able to change our situation, no matter how hard we tried."

The family were very much encouraged by the love and care shared with them by our MWB coordinator and volunteers. Eldest son Bogdan was the first of the family to give his life to Jesus. His mother followed, and they were very happy to be embraced by a Christian community that steered them in the right direction.

To please the rest of the family, father Albert agreed to attend church too, which proved to be a life-changing decision:

"Everything I heard went straight to my heart. I returned home full of joy and I immediately wanted to become a Christian," he shared.

Soon after giving his life to Jesus, skilled builder Albert made plans to leave his old ways behind and to improve living conditions for the whole family. He quit gambling and worked abroad to boost the family’s income. Nicoleta also found work as a chef’s assistant. The children, who had never had holidays, continued to have a wonderful time at the MWB summer camps, where the parents knew they would be safe and well cared for.

The Farro's original house
- The Farro's original house before Albert built thier new dream home

Over time, and with MWB’s help, Albert constructed their dream home, which has inside bathrooms, heating and running water, with enough space for the family.

Impressed by the way in which they were attempting to turn their lives around, our MWB coordinator enrolled them in a Self-Sufficiency Project. This is designed to give families a kick-start as they move towards becoming self-sufficient, by supplying items such as construction or agricultural equipment, or animals. Approximately 30 self-sufficiency projects are supported each year in Romania, making a huge difference to families needing a helping hand to better themselves.

Albert and Nicoleta are certainly appreciative: "I am very grateful our family got to be part of this project and that we were given construction tools. This helps me in my work as a builder, but in my free time I can continue working on our own house," said Albert, who would love to have his own construction company one day.

What a long way this family has come in just seven years! Albert and Nicoleta have recently become grandparents, with their oldest son Bogdan having a baby girl, doted on by the whole family. Their other children Alexandra and Cristian, and Albert’s nephew, Raul, who they took in after the death of his mother, are all doing well at school and are part of the church their parents attend.

Cutting wood for heating
- Cutting wood to heat the house.

Traian is delighted by their progress:

"This family understood that they needed to change their lives. With the help of God, they have rolled up their sleeves and worked hard to achieve that. Visiting them today, I was reminded of the parable of the sower in the Bible – in this case, the seed has fallen on good soil and is bringing forth fruit."

No one could express this better than Albert and Nicoleta themselves:

"We thank you for all your love and support, and especially for helping us fix our eyes upon Jesus. We wish you much health and may you get to enjoy all the heavenly blessings God has in store for you."

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