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During the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare and medical staff have put their own health and safety at risk to care for others. One such heroine is 25-year-old nurse Ketjona V., who works in a hospital in Durres, Albania’s second city.

It has been a tough year for Ketjona and her colleagues, who have all been working flat out to cope with the influx of patients affected by Covid: "It’s not easy to interact with patients who may have the virus. It wasn’t easy to cope with the fear of passing the disease onto loved ones," says Ketjona.

While rightly proud of herself and her colleagues on the frontline, Ketjona does not regard herself as a heroine. And without the support of generous sponsors, she may never have been able to train and qualify as a nurse, graduating from the University of Tirana with a Masters qualification:

"I attribute my success to Mission Without Borders and the wonderful people who supported my family and my studies. My family is now able to support themselves financially, and I will be forever grateful to them and to our Lord."

"The help I received - financial, spiritual and emotional - was such a blessing for me and my family, enabling me to study at one of the best universities in Albania. While I loved my studies, it could also be exhausting – there were lots of long study nights alongside the practical placements in hospital."

Looking back, Ketjona and her family could never have dreamt of such an opportunity and she recalls her family’s gratitude to the MWB family sponsorship program: "There were hard years, and I never imagined that one day my dreams would come true!" says Ketjona.

Ketjona is thankfu for the scholarship support from Mission Without Borders

Ketjona initially planned to work abroad after her studies but instead she has married and decided to stay in Albania.

"Everything in God’s perfect timing!" says Ketjona. "I really feel very blessed by the opportunity I’ve been given - I now have my dream job, and I am so grateful. Having a master's degree has been an advantage in my work, and I owe it to this project. I will always try to give my best as a nurse."

Ketjona works with a patient

But Ketjona is not just grateful for the financial and emotional support for her studies. She also learnt a great deal about caring for others who are undergoing hard times from the example set by her MWB sponsors.

This hard-working heroine of the pandemic says: "Thank you so much for supporting my education and showing me the right values to live by. I am full of joy, knowing that in life you can achieve everything by faith and by loving and taking care of each other. Everything is possible if it is God’s will."

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