Preparing emergency food parcels for Eastern Ukraine

April 2022 -
With news reports of Russian troops staging to increase attacks in the eastern region of Ukraine, thousands of people are evacuating to western Ukraine and other countries in search of safety.

Mission Without Borders Coordinator Oleh Serba in UkraineOleh Serba, a Mission Without Borders coordinator and local pastor from Slovyansk, Ukraine is helping prepare and transport emergency food parcels from Rivne to Slovyansk and Kramatorsk, closer to the Russian border. This whole area continues to be subject to severe bombardments and much of the population has been evacuated but some have stayed.

Soon this region will become the place of even more severe attacks from Russia, as they move most of their army to the East.

“I do not know what will be left after all of this is over. Some of the families that we work with, as well as some people from my church are still there. If God lets me do it, I will continue to visit them and keep bringing the food. Ultimately everyone there needs to be evacuated, otherwise there are little chances for them to survive,” says Oleh.

Mission Without Borders staff and volunteers prepare emergency food parcels for Eastern Europe
Mission Without Borders staff and volunteers prepare emergency food parcels
in Rivne destined for towns in Eastern Europe

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