Winter Warmth

Helping families stay warm this winter

Providing warmth for the winter

“We are all freezing and if you won’t be able to help us, we will soon freeze to death!” said Lorena, the mother of 4 children to our coordinator from Prahova county in Romania.
She was desperate as she didn’t have anything to warm up with and she was afraid that the children would get sick or even worse. They all sleep in one room to keep themselves warm during the night as the temperatures are getting low this time of the year. In total, there are 5 children in the family.

From the Urgent Need funds, Mission Without Borders was able to purchase a stove which serves as both a heater and a cooking stove. When Mission Without Borders arrived with the stove, they could not believe it: “Thank you from all our heart! We can’t believe it! Thank God we won’t freeze anymore!” said the mother. They were all very impressed and thankful for the gift they received especially that they would never have been able to afford such a stove because the father is the only one working, taking daily jobs which hardly cover the food for the day and some of the children’s needs.

The family will also receive wood from the MWB Firewood project. You can only imagine the huge joy in the family.

They could not believe that they didn’t have to pay for the stove: “Nobody (except the Mission) ever gave us anything for free, not even a needle, let alone a stove. And receive firewood also? I tell you, only God can do such a thing!” said the father amazed by our gesture.

Providing heating stoves and firewood helps keep families in need warm during the winter
Lorena and her children are thankful for the stove and firewood they've received from Mission Without Borders.

#StepUpForOthers today. Join the Mission Without Borders Winter Walk Challenge and raise funds to help keep families warm this winter. The funds you raise will help families like Lorena's stay warm this winter through the Firewood and Urgent Need programs.

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